When should you DIY and when should you hire out?

This is a common question many people ask, especially related to projects around the house. Since many projects can be completed quickly and easily, it’s often easier to just fix them yourself. However, a large project, like installing or repairing a roof, for instance, may be something you want to hire out, based on a number of factors.

In many cases, it will not only save you time and energy, but probably money in the long run as well. If you do something improperly and need to have someone fix what you did, it might end up costing you more money from the initial project as well.

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Simple Tips For Ensuring Your Appraisal Is Accurate

A home appraisal is important not only for a home buyer, it is also important for the seller or the owner of the home as well. So, what is a home appraisal? It is conducted by an appraiser who is licensed by the state. This appraiser provides an unbiased review of the property so a determination of the property’s value can be made.

Lenders often use appraisals when they are trying to make a decision for a mortgage or refinancing of a home. Insurance companies also frequently use home appraisals in order to confirm the characteristics of a house when a new policy is applied for and/or to review the features of a house when a claim on the insurance is made.

These are some of the reasons why it is important to make sure you have a home appraisal that is accurate and fair. There are several tips you can consider to make sure your home’s appraisal is as accurate as possible.


If you are in the process of selling your home, and you have agreed on a selling price offered by a buyer, it is important that the residential or home appraiser has completed. The appraisal will need to be completed so there is an accurate account of your home’s worth. The buyer will need the appraisal so they will know how much of a loan they will need in order to buy the home.

The majority of mortgage lenders will not approve a mortgage for more than what the home is worth. This is why it is important to make sure the appraisal is as accurate as possible.
Lenders typically initiate the appraisal process, and they will assign an appraiser to come out and get the value of the home. They will contact the seller and schedule a time to view the home.

The seller will need to do several things at this stage of the process to ensure the lender has the most accurate appraisal for the home.


The seller should make sure the house is cleaned. You will need to do more than simply make sure the beds are made and dishes are put away. The house should undergo a deep and thorough cleaning. Dust should not be visible anywhere in the home, and get rid of unsightly objects in the backyard.

Curb Appeal

Although an unmade bed will not impact your home’s value, an uncut lawn or large snow mound around the front door might. The outside of the home will be the appraiser’s first impression of your home, and they will spend some time taking measurements and making notes about the home.

Be Frugal With Upgrades

Although many people generally update the kitchens and bathrooms in order to get a higher appraisal, these two rooms can also be the most expensive to update. Consider other renovations such as painting the interior rooms, installing new carpet or installing new plumbing fixtures. These types of renovations will not break the bank.

Always be prepared to answer the appraiser’s questions honestly, and if you have any concerns, address them after the inspection is completed. These tips will not only help increase the value of the appraisal, they will also help to ensure the appraisal is accurate. You can research appraisal services on LinkedIn and find more information about specific home appraisers on Facebook too. Once you do research, you can contact individuals and see who best meets your needs.

3 Steps To Help Maintain Your Roof And Gutters

Is your roof starting to become a concern? Is it beginning to have that disheveled look you are not happy about? This is something you have to be prepared for because it will happen if you fail to take proper care and provide enough maintenance to your roof and gutters. There are a few steps you can follow to maintain your roof and gutters before they get out of control and you need to take drastic measures.

It is always recommended to not let it get to that point because your costs are also going to rise when that happens.

1) Assess And Replace Shingles

Look at the shingles on the roof and see if you notice any visible damage. The entire roof is not going to remain in good condition for a long time, especially if you have shingles with cracks or are missing shingles. Your roof is in place to provide protection, and it is going to take a battering – especially in colder climates where it snows, rains, freezes, and has harsh sunlight.

You want to be prepared to replace the shingles before they start to come off and you have significant leaks inside.

The shingles are a big part of your roof, and not looking into them is something you should not be careless about. Get them replaced by a professional roofing company if you are unsure of how to handle the task yourself.

2) Clean Gutters Seasonally

The gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. Most people have it done in the spring and then once again in the fall. It is up to you when this is going to be done, but you should have it completed by a professional. If you are going to go up and clean it, be meticulous.

You don’t want to leave anything in the gutters because you are not going up there routinely, so doing it right the first time becomes vital.

Look into the gutters and see what is there and if something is blocking the water from flowing through.

3) Reseal Joints

The gutters are going to have joints and they can start to wear down over time. This is common due to the structure of the home and the location of the gutters. This is especially important if you experience any significant rainfall, as rain pouring near your foundation can cause additional damage.

It is these joints that take a real beating, and in the worst case scenario, they snap and you have to replace them. Before letting this happen, learn how to seal gutter seams and replace them if necessary.

These are the steps you are going to need to consider when hoping to deal with the roof and gutters. You have to be diligent because it is easy to lose track of things and wonder how it all fell apart. You have to realize the roof and gutters are not going to wait for you. As mentioned earlier, in climates where you may notice freezing temperatures and harsh sunlight, like Arlington Heights, Illinois, you want to make sure you’re being prompt with your maintenance instead of leaving it to the last second and watching as your expenses pile up. The roof and gutters have to be maintained well, and you are responsible for this.